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Mission & Vision

Mission: We, the faculty, staff, and community of Riverside Elementary School work together to continuously improve student achievement while nurturing the personal gifts and talents of each child and developing their independence as individual citizens.

Vision: Riverside Elementary School builds confident and compassionate leaders who are equipped with the knowledge, values, and abilities to make positive, meaningful contributions to our world. 

Riverside Pledge:

                          RES is the BEST!

              We are students unlike the rest!

              We are respectful; we are safe.

              These are things we appreciate!

              We are responsible, most of all.

              We help others when they fall.

              My heart is big and full of pride.

              I love being at Riverside!

                          GO DUCKS!


Riverside Elementary sits along the banks of the Duck River in Columbia, Tennessee.  We serve over 400 Pre-Kindergarten through fourth-grade students.


Our History

Riverside Elementary School has served the Riverside neighborhood since 1932.  Originally, our school grounds hosted  Mule Day events, and now our historic school rests aside beautiful Riverwalk Park which hosts the Mule Kick 5K and the Farmer's Fresh Market.


Original Building destroyed by the '48 Flood

A black and white photo of a school building.


Riverside kids participating in Mule Day 1932!

A group of children are riding ponies.


A group of people are watching a mule-drawn plow.


Title I

Meet the Team
A triangle with a yellow light bulb in the center.
Parents RIght to Know
A group of people are walking together.
Family Engagement Plan
A graph showing the word success with an arrow going up.
Improvement Plan
A chalkboard with the words "Parent-Student Handbook" written on it.
Parent-Student Handbook
A line of people holding hands.
Homelessness Info
A blue handshake icon.
RES Partner Agreement
A word cloud in the shape of an apple.
Title I Annual Meeting
A red megaphone with sound waves coming out of it.
We Want to Hear from YOU
A graduation cap on top of a clipboard with a checklist.
RES Grade Report


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela

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